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Teach you how to do Orleans oven roasted wings
Release time:2015-09-11

Orleans grilled wings, we must be very familiar with. Orleans grilled wings, a creamy taste sweet mouth with grilled wings, first appeared in the Western fast food KFC store, with the exotic mystery is widely known, by the younger generation likes and sought after.

Orleans grilled wings the most tender meat of choice in the main raw chicken wings, roast chicken feed is a suitable marinated chicken feed to Orleans-based, color is orange-red, supports a variety of heating, it can spread and food ingredients suitable for families ??

On the approach is also there are many. On the palate, the oven must be made of some of the more delicious.

Step one: wash chicken wings, chicken parts water to soak quiet easy baked color, especially in the purchase should pay attention to chicken wings root intact. If you need to buy is frozen with cold maceration (maceration process a long time, the proposed direct purchase not frozen) bought chicken wings in the water wash, and then pulls the blisters for a while.

NOTE: soak in water inside a meat fibers will swell, absorb more sauce.

Step two: Lek net water, even Zakon grabs throw a few chicken wings, meat Lek net in the water, then put the container with a sign the child even tie a dozen on each of the wings, the seasoning manufacturer to enter aisle.

The third step: seasoning mix, marinated chicken wings rubbed each material, covering the full can, then pour the water each chicken wings around the thumb. Stirred for several minutes to make chicken feed and mixing. Place in the refrigerator or a cool place just two hours, you can bake up.

38g Cool grilled marinated 8 can (about 1 kg) chicken wings, 138g can be marinated grilled cool 30 (about 4 pounds) of chicken wings.

Step Four: grilled chicken grilled, enjoy delicious oven: temperature to 200 ℃, bake 10 minutes, turn over and pull out the grill the chicken and continue baking 10 minutes face. Savory baked can enjoy it! Small partner you learn it?

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