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Oven - baking production - Oven Recipes
Release time:2015-09-11

Bake method:

When Preheat the oven heating pipe for a while just to see red for a black temperature is achieved, we should immediately go into baking food.

When baking, cover the food surface layer of aluminum foil can effectively prevent the surface without affecting the scorched grilled.

Do not touch any food heating pipes, but also to prevent oil, batter drip onto the heating pipes, etc. Otherwise, diesel will be baked into carbon attached to the heating pipes, difficult to clean, but also affect the heating efficiency. The best barbecue completely wrapped with aluminum foil, to prevent surface scorched, but also to avoid condensation inside wall after oil vaporized in the oven. After baked, the best time to clean up, in order to avoid accumulation.

Do not just run out of the cold water hit the oven door, in order to avoid glass doors burst.

When the oven without each knob should be placed off gear.

40-100 degrees Celsius temperature profile of the various functions:

40 degrees Celsius, can be used to ferment the dough and yogurt, instead of warm water and blankets.

50 degrees Celsius, can be dehydrated food, made of various dried fruits, dried vegetables, meat, in order to save drying time to slightly open the oven door, in order to facilitate water distribution.

60 degrees Celsius, can be used to make sausages, bacon.

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