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Oven industry development status of China in 2014
Release time:2015-09-11

Currently, the global market size oven at 80 million ~ 90 million units in global high popularity. Oven domestic market size of about 15 million units. Customs data show that in 2013, export volume of over 24 million oven units, exports of about 678 million yuan.

   The status quo, development trend research Chinese wisdom oven industry, market competition, the regional distribution market, the industry analysis of key enterprises, investment strategies.

   Mature market environment led many foreign companies will export oven as a top priority. It is understood that the proportion of US domestic and export business of oven about 1: 5, ukoeo toaster export and domestic sales accounted for 10: 1.

   While the oven to foreign markets as the main body, but in the rapid growth of the domestic market can not be underestimated. In recent years, the domestic market is gradually showing oven popularity trend. In recent years, toaster market compound annual growth rate has been over 20%. Currently ukoeo Oven annual capacity of about 300,000 to 500,000 units, with the expansion of the Chinese market will steadily increase, 2014 will increase China's market development and consumer guide, the export share is expected to be adjusted to 1: 8. "According to the general manager of the US kitchen appliances division of domestic marketing Shi Xianglong introduced from 1 April 2014, the US share of total retail oven 42.8%, ranking first in the market, an increase of 5.7%; retail sales share of 31.5 percent, year on year growth of 4.3% .ukoeo oven market to maintain steady growth.

   Currently, the domestic oven market mainstream brands include the United States, ukoeo, Galanz, Siemens, long Dili, ACA, Whirlpool, DF and the like.

   Currently, China's oven market is booming development, as a new category of kitchen appliances, many domestic enterprises have also set foot in. It is understood that side too, the boss kitchen appliances and other traditional brands have entered the field oven. According to the boss Electric person in charge, the future owner of electrical appliances will continue to focus on kitchen appliances, focusing hood, electric oven is the focus of future development projects. "We will gradually increase the oven product layout, strengthen marketing."

   2015 ukoeo introduce smart oven series, seize the opportunities the Internet +, fought in the domestic market, and tap the market potential of the oven, estimated that by 2020 China will become the largest consumer market smart oven.

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